THE GRETA PROJECT – Challenge-based Learning in Primary Schools for Climate Change Awareness

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With the aim to contribute to the fight against climate change, organizations from seven European countries (Greece, Cyprus, Czech, Romania, Germany, Ireland, Italy) joined forces and launched the GRETA project. And yes, you are right! The name of the project was chosen in tribute to Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who inspired an international movement to fight climate change. 

Acknowledging the social media’s growing impact on young people’s lives with the potential to become the policy-influencers of today, educators and parents need to support young people in identifying and reforming their message, in order to find their voice in the fight against climate change. 

The GRETA project aspires to develop a ‘whole-school’ programme for primary schools to empower pupils, teachers, school leaders and parents to take on the climate change challenge. To achieve that, the project will design an innovative training programme for educators that will focus on challenge-based learning resources for students along with useful digital resources for parents.

Visit our project website for more information / Follow our Facebook page for updates!  

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