Supporting Youth to Tackle Climate Change

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The project “Together for Sustainable School” aspires to raise awareness among young people and empower them to actively join the fight against climate change by integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into school curricula and local community projects.

To achieve its first objective, the project designed and developed a Practical Guide for Educators which follows an innovative teaching methodology; Problem-based learning. This teaching approach allows students to learn about a subject through the experience of solving real-world problems (e.g. climate issues).

To raise youth voices and increase their participation to address climate change locally, the project will implement an international youth camp that will bring together 30 young people aged between 14-18 from Lithuania, Germany and Cyprus. All the attendees will gather in Cyprus this summer.

A variety of hands-on activities will take place including visits to environmental centres, discussions with experts and key stakeholders, identification of doable solutions to climate issues, team-building activities and more!  Of course, youth will also lead the development of initiatives that will be implemented in their local communities.

*The project is funded by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and coordinated by CARDET (Cyprus).

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