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We are people. Born through people and raised by people. We acquire language in order to communicate with each other. We form our sense of self through how other people see us and respond to us. We are formed and transformed through our surroundings every day of our lives without thinking how we do it and even less about, why we do it? Human beings formed relationships since many years ago, in order to be as safe as possible in the wilderness. There is safety in numbers.  And somehow, we evolved into a species that forms emotional attachments to one another through relationships which act just like a safety net waiting, being there to catch us when we fall.

Human beings tend to be by nature loving and kind, you see, people form attachments and relationships in such a large scale that even us, humans, describe ourselves as “social beings”. This is evident from what makes us feel good and safe. Kindness to one another triggers inner feelings of safety and being loved. Children like to pet animals, they smile at colourful flowers and they tend to be attracted more by smiley people with a truly happy heart.

Science has more to tell us though…. Research nowadays teaches us how we can shift our orientation and change our view of the world through Positive Psychology. For example, if we look around us, we find people. How would you describe the people in your life? Are there people who make you feel stronger? Supported? Loved? Those people are what Positive Psychology describes as positive relationships. No matter how small or big the number you have reached is, the importance relies on quality. Research shows us that the stronger our “net” of people is and not the size of it, the better quality of life we experience. And what do we mean by that? You don’t really need someone to tell you about them since I truly believe into your experience as a human being and the common knowledge we all share of being humans, but for the sake of this article let me tell you some more. Let’s state the obvious. People with better relationships are happier, healthier, have higher motivation levels in their lives and greater meaning. In simple words, they enjoy their life more.

There are a lot of tips and guides in Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness have a lot to teach us about living a happier and a fulfilled life. They all end up to a simple question with a very difficult and always transforming answer: what makes your heart sing? I believe Roxette said it better… listen to your heart when is calling for you… (and if I may add, learn to sing a song you enjoy, and even better, sing it with others, and then learn some more). All of your answers about big things or minor staff are glimpses of your happiness and wellbeing ingredients and probably of what gives meaning in your life, and you know what they say… when life gives you lemons… you can make marguerites!

May the light of your happiness be with you!

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