How can we survive in a world full of chaos?

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The truth is, the more we grow up, the more we realise that this world that we all live in is cruel. Your heart will break many times and you will face a lot of rejections, disappointments, countless farewells and the list goes on…..

You need to be the one who picks yourself up from the ground and you need to find a way to be strong enough for waking up after a sleepless night. The world will tear you up, break you down, and take some parts of you away until you will realize that there’s nothing left.

The point is, whatever this world offers you, I only wish that you always be the one who’s never afraid to love. Be the one who loves the most, the person who never afraid to text first and to ask whether they are doing okay . Be the one who always wants to reach out without feeling guilty of being labeled as ‘needy’. Be the one who admits that you miss them. Be the one who always cares. Be the one who embraces the sadness and agony of being broken. Be the one who’s brave enough to feel.

And most of all, be the one who always forgives. Be the one who never blames anyone for your loss. Be the one who never hates yourself for those broken relationships or for loving the wrong person. Be the one who always gives without expecting any returns.

You see, this world needs more people like you! The intense love which you give to others is not the sign of weakness, it is the symbol of strength.

At the end of the day, in this world full of chaos, let yourself be the soft rain!


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