IO1. Community Audit Toolkit and Report: Using a Participatory Action Research approach, the project will document the digital competence and educational assets within the local community

Transnational Community Audit Report

Audit Summary Reports

Cyprus Czech Republic German Croatian Ireland Italian Polish

IO2. Community Media Skills Development Resources: A comprehensive suite of modules and resources that will support local community groups to develop their media production skills

Learners’ Handbook Powerpoint Presentations Tutor’s Handbook

IO3. Toolkit of Media Moderation Resources: A selection of resources to support the Local Media Management Team to moderate its content

Learners’ Handbook Powerpoint Presentations Tutor’s Handbook

IO4. Induction Training for Adult & Community Educators: A bespoke introductory training programme that ensures that they are familiar will all the elements produced by the project

Educators’ Manual Powerpoint Presentations

IO5. Online Interactive Learning Portal: A learning interface that will offer learners access to all of the project’s tools and resources and support them in the acquisition and integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes

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